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Word Link Diamond Hack – Latest Version Online 2018

Hi there everyone and welcome to my latest online hack tool for Word Link.

Are you struggling to get ahead of the game? Need more diamonds? Well, we have created the tool for you.

Using our online Word Link Hack, you will have an unlimited amount of diamonds at your disposal in next to no time.

Word Link Hack toolHow to use our online hack for Word Link

Using our hack could not be any simpler.

Just follow the steps below and you will have as many diamonds as you could wish for.

– Firstly, CLICK HERE to access our tools page (or click on the button above, it’s really your choice)
– Next, simply enter the username that you use for Word Link in the correct field.

PLEASE NOTE: We will NEVER ask you for your password. Our tool does not need it, as it pushes the free resources to your account via an in-game message

– Enter the number of diamonds that you wish to generate using the handy text box
– Choose the device that you are playing the game on
– Click on the ‘GENERATE’ button
– Finally, sit back and relax as our tool does it’s thing

Once the hack has finished, the diamonds will be pushed to your account within a few minutes

About Our Human Verification

Please be aware that from time to time, you will have to undergo a human verification process to use the tool. In most cases, this only has to be completed on your first use of the hack. Once completed, you will have permanent access to the tool without having to verify that you are ‘human’ again.

The reason for this authentication is, like most online tools, our servers get overloaded with bots run by people who try and fill multiple accounts with resources to then try and sell them (never hand money over for these accounts).

Are there any limits to using this Word Link Diamond Hack?

Yes, we have set limits on how many times per day you can use our tool.

To cater for all the Word Link addicts out there, we have set the limit to THREE uses per 24hrs

We find this is more than enough to satisfy anyone’s needs

A Little Info About The Game Itself

We highly doubt you have come across this page without even knowing what the game actually is, but we kind of enjoy going through the basics anyway.

Word Link is a fun new(ish) word puzzle game by Worzzle Games. A game dev company located in the USA.

This game is a simple game that is designed to test your vocabulary skills and show off to your friends.

The best thing about Word Link is that, unlike most other word puzzle games, you do not have to be connected the internet to play it, and there is zero time limit involved. We also enjoy the fact that there is more than enough levels to keep you busy for a long, long time (Over 2000 levels and counting)

If you enjoy playing word games, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t be sure to check this game out ASAP (and also come back and use our hack for Word Link)


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