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MovieStarPlanet Tips and Tricks – Never spend money again

MovieStarPlanet is probably one of the most popular games currently. Create your own character, choose your clothes and accessories, add your friends and have endless fun. So you can be the big star yourself and be super popular!

MSP is more than just a game

MovieStarPlanet or lovingly called MSP is more than just a browser game. You can not only play it on your PC, but also on your iOS and Android smartphone and tablet. Unfortunately, MovieStarPlanet also has its downsides. There are some virtual currencies in the game for which you have to spend your real money. These include StarCoins, VIP months and diamonds. To get these you can buy them via PayPal, credit card or even a PaySafeCard. Who MSP cheats or better a MovieStarPlanet hack will want to use this but always successful on the Internet. On YouTube, Facebook and many other social networks, there are videos and screenshots of players who have successfully obtained free StarCoins and free diamonds for MSP. Without paying or the like. For almost every game there are such cheats, hacks or sometimes called generator tools that can generate virtual currency.

Have more fun and become more popular

Often, MSP is just about getting your friends or other MovieStarPlanet players excited and impressed. That’s why you can get all sorts of clothes and even perform cosmetic surgery. Considering who should actually play this game: And especially young girls in the age of 10-15 years. Here MovieStarPlanet can not quite shine as a role model. Also that it micro-transactions and virtual currencies are more harmful. If you still want to have a lot of fun, you do not need to spend any money on the game, but you can directly use the MSP hack for iOS and Android use. The MovieStarPlanet StarCoins Hack works great on any device. You only need a working Internet connection and you’re ready to go.

Is VIP really necessary?

It is not really necessary, but it definitely promotes fun. Being a VIP is just more fun and brings more prestige to your friends. Everyone will envy you and talk about you. Again, there is a small problem: It costs again real money. Yet another reason why we recommend you the MSP hack. There you just enter your username, how many StarCoins and diamonds you would like and also if you want to be a VIP or not. Then you click a little further down on the button and it can start. Within just a few minutes, all items and virtual currencies will be downloaded directly to your account. Sounds a lot easier and easier to waste than real money or? Give it a try.

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