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Moviestarplanet – Fast Starcoins and Fame

Starcoins imageHey people!
Today is finally weekend again!
Now I finally have time to take care of my blog. I’m sick so I can not really do much anyway -.-
Yes … Now for today’s topic:
How do I earn Starcoins and Fame the fastest?
With these possibilities, I just always make myself Starcoins and Fame.

How to make money fast (StarCoins)

  • Pet all pets from your friends. If that is not so worthwhile in the room of ile13 and caresses all his animals. He really has in all corners which! Estimated over 35 pets! Watch short films.
  • If someone has 10 Kurfilme and you look at all and also rate you get every day 100sc. For example, I have 4O pieces that makes 400sc! Well worth it. (Each short movie lasts only 10sec.)
  • Make films yourself! You get up to 50sc if one of your films is seen for the FIRST TIME (until the end) with the others (2nd, 3rd, 4th, ….) you can earn more than 1.000-1.000.000sc so that too Worth it right!
  • If you have a pet go to the pet chat room and pet all the animals you find
  • You earn 10Starcoints when watching a movie. No matter if it’s a short film or a normal one: D
  • If you make a look and it is bought, you get 5% of the StarCoins he/she needed
  • You earn up to 20 sc when playing games in chat rooms.
  • You earn 200sc when one of your invited friends reaches level 3
  • You get 750sc or more if you buy yourself a VIP.
  • Play games such as making fancy, quizzes, crazy cards, casting, etc.
  • Join in competitions! Since you always get a lot of sc! You just have to be lucky enough to win.

Yes, these were the tips that I have come up with the fast now.

  • Now tips on how to get fast fame
  • Ask your friends for autographs.
  • Ask your friends and others if they watch your movies
  • Make movies you can earn up to 200Fame
  • Join in competitions! Sometimes you get on Fame
  • Become a VIP that brings 25% more Fame and you can spin the VIP Wheel every day which in turn brings StarCoins
  • You earn a fame point each time someone likes your room: D ♥ Like
  • Playing games is still the best because you deserve a lot of fame! Above all, I notice that in a quiz I play mostly. But I do not play often …

I can not think of much more …

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