Kik – Messenger for Android and iOS

In addition to messenger solutions including face book Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat, you will find alternate options to that Messenger Kik counts.

kik messenger for pcArrives without telephone amounts

Unlike WhatsApp, Kik does not require phone numbers. The messenger is sufficient for user names, helping to make it separate of their inserted SIM card. With Kik, videos, photographs, voice messages, music, emojis and also Youtube movies might be routed and performed with smartphone. Kik additionally has an integrated webbrowser, which compared to full-featured browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome has a decrease performance. However, world wide web addresses obtained via it may be opened right into the program. Only calls, such as as WhatsApp c all, are not potential, but set chats up to 50 individuals.

The peculiarities of this Whats App alternative

Especially at Kik when compared with other Messengers that the form of registration. While you are enrolled with the majority of instant messenger providers on their own phone and jumped to this, together with Kik the enrollment happens using a freely selectable user account and also a corresponding password. Besides the device-independent accounts, this improves solitude and solitude. Anyone who wants to can join the messaging agency with their very own mobile variety, therefore the contact list may automatically be searched for prospective discussion partners. Additionally, chats can be built on Kik codes. They are similar to QR codes and after the scan open a conversation together with the buddy to whom the Kik code goes back.

Privacy and parenting tips

Kik claims to protect the privacy and offers hints for traveling and younger users from 1-3 decades. As an instance, the Kik program has a reporting feature which permits users who report untoward messages document. Right here you can join the conversation history, should you desire this specific. Instead, end users may likewise be obstructed in order to get no further messages from these and on occasion even enable.

For Android along with iOS

The download kik messenger App is available for your own iPhone using I-OS from the iTunes Appstore along with for your own Smart-phone with all the Android functioning system around Google Play. For Windows cellphone, however, there is no app of companies of their Canadian manufacturer Kik Interactive.

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