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Download Instagram For PC (Windows And Mac)

Instagram is one of the famous Social Networking and Picture / Video Sharing Sites. Now You Can Download Instagram for PC, Laptop, Android Mobile, iOS, Windows and Mac. If you are looking for the Free Instagram App for PC, then we are sharing an amazing tutorial with you that will guide you to the rest of the installation process.


Founded back in October 2010, Instagram is today the most popular photo sharing app there is. It is free on the market and the fact that it is available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms really improves its outreach. The beauty and appeal of this app actually lies in its simplicity which makes it quite popular. There are more than 150 million users worldwide, a testament to its top rankings.

You simply take a picture and open it within the app. Then apply a few preset filters such as sepia, vignette, monochrome and so on. You can also perform custom edits such as cropping, adding text, effects and so on. This being done you can upload your picture onto a social media site through your account. The process doesn’t exude much pomp and show but who needs that when you can get your pictures through so easily.

Instagram For Windows PC

You can access your Instagram account on your PC through well designed software known as Pixsta. It was previously known as Instagrille. The developers, Pokki, changed the name to Pixsta as part of reforms to improve the app in multifold aspects. These changes were, coincidentally, triggered right around the 10 million downloads mark.


Ranked as the best desktop version for your favorite photo sharing app, Pixsta has quite some features to boast of. Starting with the:


As with all desktop applications it important to get the right feel and theme. Pixsta employs a well designed theme which is actually a departure from the standards pertaining to most Windows applications. Having a more OSX type interface, it’d fit right in with a Mac user. However it is quite functional and sleek in design all over.

The developers have focused on getting in more images in a single window pane. Accordingly, you can fit a whole array of pictures according to the different views available.


Access your photos simply by logging in with your account. All your pictures and social activity will come right up. You can comment, view comments, ‘like’, check out threads of discussions and so on.

Pixsta also has a search ‘nearby’ feature. Using this you can see photos posted by users near you. By ‘near you’ Pixsta means in reference to your geographical location. This is a really neat feature with manifold uses. You can see what’s happening where and when, have a eye out for things which catch your fancy such as carnivals, car shows, photography clubs or anything else!


  • Excellent arrangement of pictures fulfilling the core purpose. Makes app really fun and easy to use.
  • Complete Instagram support such as commenting, likes and so on.
  • Features being added frequently as per ‘up votes’ every request receives in their official forum.


Pixsta really upholds the Instagram experience on the PC. However there’s always room for improvement. For example the images ‘move’ together in the grid. No option to navigate through one by one. This can make for slight user inconveniences.

Bottom line

However in the end Pixsta succeeds in providing an excellent Instagram desktop experience and that it all that matters. As regards to the lack of features, the Pixsta team is bringing in upgrades as per user requests over time.

How to Download Instagram your Windows PC

If you want to Download Instagram on PC, you will need to install Bluestacks Android Emulator first. After installation, you will be able to download Instagram on PC. You should follow the below mentioned tutorial in order to start Instagram on your PC or Laptop.

  1. First of all Open the Bluestacks.
  2. Make a Search for Instagram App.
  3. After Finding the App, Click the Install Button.
  4. Bluestacks will then automatically download Instagram for Windows or Mac
  5. After completion, you will be able to join Instagram Social Network on Your PC, and the Android App for PC will work amazingly.

Instagram for Windows is one of the best choice for those who want to send / share photos & videos with their family and friends. The New Instagram App will give you the Signup and Signin Button for making your profile.

If yo are looking for the Instagram Download for PC, then we have brought up this amazing tutorials for your ease. Now your question ‘How to Download Instagram for PC’ has been answered, and you can go through the complete guide to use Instagram App on PC.

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